Your Pointe Journey at The Stage Shop

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Pointe Shoe Fitting

Pointe Shoe Fitting

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1st Step

Pointe Ready

Starting pointe requires a level of training and strength that could otherwise result in injury. Check with your ballet teacher if you are ready to start your pointe journey.

2nd Step

Book Appointment

After getting pointe approved by your ballet teacher or dance physiotherapist, book your pointe shoe fitting time online here at The Stage Shop with the button above.

3rd Step

Come In Store

Ensure that you are wearing clothing that is comfy enough for you to plié and rise without restriction so our pointe professionals can pair you with your perfect shoe.

4th Step

En Pointe

From your fitting, our pointe professionals will pair you with your perfect pointe shoe match! They will also recommend options for padding and ribbons.

Our pointe professionals at The Stage Shop will fit you with the perfect pointe shoe whether it’s your first, or 100th pair. The Stage Shop will provide an unforgettable experience and ensure you leave with the perfect shoe every time.